Recognised globally by Niraj Naik, founder of SOMA Breath

  • Posted On: 6 February 2024
  • Author: Stefanie Cappleman
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Niraj Naik, founder of SOMA Breath, commented as following:

“School can be a difficult place for children. I remember being bullied a lot… And not having much support to deal with my anxiety and fear. Now, as a grown up, I firmly believe we should all learn about breath control at school. Not only for the health benefits and disease prevention… But also because it’s a great way to improve self-confidence! And it’s happening! Thanks to our Instructors, children are being exposed to this wisdom with promising results!  For example SOMA Breath Advanced Instructor, Steffy Cappleman has built a solid reputation working with children in the UK. Steffy started out as an athlete seeking a competitive edge and discovered the transformational power of controlled breathing. Now she’s helping children take control of their lives!  Cool isn’t it? Aaaaah yes!!!! This kind of work gives me hope in humanity!”

Conducted by advanced breathwork instructor Steffy Cappleman, founder of Limitless - Strength through Breath, the 'Conscious Breathing' project focuses on integrating breathwork into the daily lives of students, teachers, and parents.

Benefits of breathwork include increased energy levels, enhanced focus, relaxation, improved sleep, reduced anxiety, greater emotional management skills and increased stress resilience.

Steffy has been instrumental in delivering impactful breathwork sessions to students. These sessions, conducted in small groups or on a one to one basis, have already demonstrated promising results, particularly in the area of anxiety management.

Building on this success, the project is now being extended to primary schools, with a focus on Year 6 students. Short conscious breathing sessions, held at the beginning of the school day and after lunch, aim to instil a sense of calm and focus among pupils.

Steffy's passion for breathwork and breath control originated from her experience as an athlete seeking a competitive edge. Her journey led her to discover the transformative power of conscious and controlled breathing on physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. As an advanced breathwork instructor, she is dedicated to equipping young people with the tools to take control of their lives, fostering happiness, confidence, and inspiring them to believe in themselves.

Recently, Steffy has conducted breathing workshops for the North East Regional para swimming squad and the GB Down Syndrome Swimming Team. The latter will be using their newfound skills at the Down Syndrome Swimming World Championships in Turkey in March. See photos and a screenshot of a comment Down Syndrome Swimming GB wrote on their Facebook page about the workshop. You can read more about the para swimming workshop here:

To share this transformative approach with a broader audience, YES@ Arete Learning Trust will be hosting a workshop at Richmond School on 7th March. This event is open to schools, parents/carers and anyone interested in supporting children and young people in achieving calmness, increasing focus and managing anxiety.

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