Maths Support

Maths Support


Math Anxiety

There is a recognition that people with maths anxiety are not stuck with it for life. Strategies to support maths anxiety include encouraging pupils to write about maths related worries and breathing exercises.

'Addressing Maths Anxiety' Booklet: Written by Dr Dominic Petronzi  and Dr Tom Hunt from the University of Derby

Key Strategies for Maths Support: 

  • Detailed assessment to identify key difficulties
  • Visual prompts and resources
  • Teaching maths vocabulary
  • Opportunities for ‘Over Learning’
  • Default strategies for arithmetic
  • Understanding based teaching
  • Carefully structured approach
  • Encouragement of active participation
  • Making maths a positive experience
  • Precision Teaching


Multiplication Rules

Devised by Penny Topsom Multiplication Rules is a multisensory maths game which focuses on engaging everyone in learning their tables