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YES@Areté Learning Trust strive to promote an understanding of Specific Learning Differences in order to support students/ pupils, parents and professionals.

We focus on:

  • the early identification of children and young people's needs.
  • the development of inclusive practice in order to remove barriers to learning
  • the provision of high quality training.

We offer:

  • support with developing inclusive practice in different settings
  • solution focused meetings with school staff, parents and pupils to identify barriers to learning
  • analysis of current provision focusing on impact, individual pupil assessment with comprehensive reporting
  • support with the planning and delivery of personalised literacy and numeracy programmes
  • progress reviews in person or by telephone
  • access arrangements for external exams for Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5

More information about YES@Areté Learning Trust specialist services 

In addition to a range of traded services there is an opportunity to have an affiliated membership of YES@AretéLearningTrust.

For an annual cost of £200 (exc.VAT) affiliated schools will receive:

  • Email advice around learning differences & strategies to support specific profiles
  • Access to transition and research projects including our
    • Graduated Approach to Reading Provision 
    • Graduated Approach to Maths Provision
    • Graduated Approach to SEMH Provision
  • ​​​​​​​10% off our training events
  • Support around developing an effective core SEND offer that supports all

​​​​​​​Apply for Affiliated Membership of YES@Areté Learning Trust

Yes @ Areté Learning Trust can provide practical support for schools to  improve pupils' handwriting and to upskill staff to develop sound handwriting practice in the school setting


  • Developing handwriting that is fit for purpose in terms of automaticity, speed and legibility
  • Reviewing the ergonomic and biomechanical factors that are impacting on handwriting


  • Initial assessments to pinpoint reasons for handwriting difficulties
  • Initial baselines looking at legibility, clarity and style
  • Looking at the key areas of readiness to write, mechanics of writing and visual perception skills
  • Pupil Voice


  • A personalised programme which can be followed up independently at home or at school
  • Includes warm up exercises
  • Pe-writing exercises as required
  • Use of appropriate resources
  • the development of startegies and resources wich can be used within the classroom on a daily basis

Option 1

  • Programme is delivered soley by Yes @ Areté Learning Trust staff
  • Cost:  Please contact us for details

Option 2

  • School staff are trained to deliver the handwriting programme with support and mentoring from Yes @ Areté Learning Trust
  • Fortnightly visits/ email contact as required
  • Cost: Please contact us for details


Handwriting in early childhood: Current research and future implications

Handwriting Legibility Scale (Barnett, A.L, Prunty, M. & Rosenblum, S. (2017)

Our team can use specialist assessments to provide a tailored literacy and maths programme for individual students.

Programmes are:

  • structured
  • cumulative
  • involve over learning
  • feature self assessment and review

Yes@ Areté Learning Trust won 'Secondary School of the Year' in  the 'Edfuturists Summit and Awards 2019'. 

Our team has close links with professionals within the edtech field including the British Dyslexia Association Ed Tech committee. We can help schools to use assistive technology effectively to support students access learning.

As the demand of learning increases as students start their A-level studies it is important to know which students need help and support early on in their journey. This term Yes @Areté Learning Trust are working with Do-IT Profiler to ensure students are provided with support early on in the academic year.

Do-IT Profiler provides staff with an instant view of their students' strengths and potential areas of challenge. It provides students with an overview of their personal profile and supports self-managed guidance and advice linked to Study Skills. The profiler doesn't focus on Dyslexia in isolation but looks at the overlap of Specific Learning Difficulties but also identifies strategies which will support those with no specific difficulties.


What the package contains:

The sixth form package has two modules, Learning Strengths and Challenges and Study Skills.


Learning Strengths and Challenges

 This module has 45 questions, and takes round 15 minutes to complete. It gathers information about the student’s reading, maths, attention, concentration, social, communication, planning and coordination skills.

This module screens for specific learning difficulties (also known as hidden impairments) and provides a means of seeing a complete picture of an student’s strengths and challenges, whilst providing tailored guidance, support and signposting.


Study Skills

Understanding study skills of a student can be essential to success in a school/college setting. Identifying weaknesses early on in student’s life and providing support can aid retention and improve outcomes.

This module asks 40 questions and takes round 10 - 15 minutes to complete. The questions relate to, reading/writing basics, reading for understanding/critical reflection, note-taking/planning for writing, examination skills, organisation/time management.


The Report

The report provides a top-level picture of the patterns of strengths and challenges for the student and the teacher.

Detailed personalised guidance is given in the context of the education setting, with strategies for success, and signposting. Dependent on responses, there are also links to a suite of resources such as short videos, and fact sheets to empower the student.

If you are not a student at Richmond School you can try the Do-It Profiler using the link below.

Try Do-It Profiler for £10.20 per student

Yes @ Areté Learning Trust offer a screening service for Visual Stress difficulties. The diagnostic assessment which costs £12 will be carried out by Inese Yeardley who qualified as an Orthoptist in 1970 from the Manchester School of Orthoptics and became a clinical tutor in 1996. She has worked in Yorkshire, Lancashire and  Kent and retired from Durham and Darlington NHS Trust in 2008 after working there for 26 years. From 2004 Inese has worked at Cooper an Leatherbarrow seeing children and adults with reading problems, visual stress and Dyslexia.

To book an appointment please email 

In the classroom a  range of resources can be used to support students with visual stress.

1. Reading Rulers

2. Tinted Handwriting Exercise Books A5

3. Tinted Exercise Books A4

4. Tinted Exercise Books 9 x 7

5. Tinted A4 Lined Refill Pads

6. Coloured Page Overlays

7. Coloured Monitor Overlays

8. Coloured Widescreen Monitor Overlays

9. Visual Stress Assessment Pack - School Edition

10. Visual Stress Assessment Pack - Further Education Edition


Contact Details:

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To contact us directly: / hannahwilkinson@thedalesschoolorg

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