Understanding Adverse Behaviour Drivers

28 April 2023 @ 09:30 - 13:30
All behaviour has a positive intent!





Summary of the event:

This course will give examples of

  • All Behaviour Serves a Purpose:
    the why to compulsive/obsessive behaviour
  • The Subconscious and your 6th sense:
    in relation to protection and creating behaviours
  • The Protective Loop:
    the story an individual tells themselves to stay in protection
  • The brain’s role in cementing behaviours:
    deletions/distortions/generalisation –How to break the Loop

Training led by: Alison Knowles

Alison Knowles is a practising emotional therapist, author of the Ollie and his Super Powers series, creator of the Ollie Model, public speaker and award-winning NLP trainer. Ali's strength is the unique way she views the world and her intuitive ability to empower you or your child to find the solutions from within. Ali trained to be a cognitive hypnotherapist purely out of interest in the subject. Ali's passion for learning led to further training and development in NLP and CBT, giving her an extensive toolbox of techniques and schools of thought to help just about anyone who came to her clinic, except children. Ali realised all her training, the language and the science behind it was just not suitable. This led to the creation of the Ollie Model – a simple therapeutic model empowering the individual to take back control of their emotions rather than being controlled by them. Ali had a dream to create a model that empowered young and old, introducing the model to the world in the form of intervention and prevention. Ali's dream is now a reality through the work that she is doing. She has an end goal to make all therapists redundant by giving all children, regardless of their abilities and disabilities, all the tools they need not to need therapy. Ali and the Ollie model has received various awards and have been shortlisted for many more. The most recent being the international award NLP for Education.

Audience: SENCos, Inclusion Managers, Teachers, TAs, Learning Mentors

Cost: £150+VAT / person
Refreshments and light lunch included

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  • Adults: £150