Supporting Autistic Students

14 May 2021 @ 09:30 - 12:30
This session will be delivered online. Alex will speak about his own experiences as an autistic student being home educated and studying within a mainstream college.










What can you can expect from this webinar?

Understanding autism and learning:
Alex will speak about his own experiences of home education and also his recent experience of studying a level 3 media
qualification within a mainstream college.

He will talk about the support he received and how simple reasonable adjustments helped him to access the curriculum.

A group discussion will be included in this talk to enable the opportunity to share experiences.

Understanding autism and self-stimulatory behaviour:

Alex shares his experience of stimming from an early age. He answers a lot of questions like  

  • why he stims, 
  • what he is thinking when he stims?
  • Should stimming be stopped or controlled?
  • Is stimming a sign of distress? 

He will talk about his personal struggle to control the tics in public and how this is exhausting and can lead to him needing to really engage in movements when on his own. Alex will talk about self stimulatory self harm and how to recognise as something separate from self harm behaviour.

Understanding autism and obsession:

Alex will speak about the difference between special interests and obsessions. How his special interests have helped him to cope with anxiety and how they were used to help him to learn.

A Guide to Neurotypicality – This is a Parody speech where Alex talks about NT’s (non autisic people) like they’re the ones who have a condition. It’s basically a chance to turn the tables around for a laugh.

Audience: Professionals who work within the mainstream classroom.

Training led by: Alex Lowery
Alex Lowery is a professional public speaker and trainer on autism. Alex has contributed to a number of publications including SEN magazine, Aukids, the book 'Letters from the home front.' by John Clements and a post diagnostic pack for adults. Alex was a Youth Patron with Ambitious About Autism for four years. Alex has written a book about his life with autism from early childhood where he found the world a terrifying place through to becoming a public speaker. He has spoken at conferences and provided training for the NHS, Local Authorities, schools, colleges and Universities. Furthermore Alex shares his experience of autism through regular blog posts on his website and by making short films for YouTube. Alex won an Autism Hero’s Award for‘ Outstanding Personal Achievement in the Community Award’ 2014. Alex launched a Fixers campaign about 'stimming' and appeared on the BBC documentary 'Richard and Jaco.' Alex is committed to raising awareness of autism and other disabilities through film making.

Cost: £75 + VAT/person

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  • Adults: £75