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Website Showcases Dyslexia Font

  • Posted On: 24 October 2017
  • Author: Katherine Lawson
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Font of Knowledge

The YES @ Richmond School website can now be read using Dyslexie, a font especially designed for people with dyslexia.

The Dyslexie font was created by Christian Boer in 2008 when he was a student at the University of the Arts in Utrecht, Holland. At school Christian had tried to avoid thinking about dyslexia and reading, however at University he started researching solutions . For his thesis in his final year at University he set out to make reading less arduous for dyslexics by developing a special typeface.

The font is based on the idea that people with dyslexia find recognising letters and 2D objects difficult but this problem does not occur if they see 3D objects. The font was designed by approaching all letters as 3D objects and then transforming them to 2D letters.

Christian is quoted as saying 'Find a solution to your own problem and there will be a lot of people around the world who have the same problem.'

Many companies now use the font to support their employees, and a wide range of books are printed using the font.

Information about how to access the Dyslexie font is available on the website and a there is a free download for home users.

Kath Lawson specialist teacher at Richmond School says 'This further increases the accessibilty of our website which already features Browse Aloud by Text Help which includes easy speech, reading and translation tools.'


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