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New Report Highlights the Importance of Students with Coordination Difficulties Being Included in Community Sport

  • Posted On: 7 July 2018
  • Author: Katherine Lawson
  • Number of views: 670
Movement for All

It has been known for some time that students with coordination difficulties are less likely to take part in diverse activities than their peers. However a new study published in 'Research in Developmental Disabilities' suggests that it is not just poor motor function which results in low participation; environmental factors play a vital role. Parents report that there is less environmental support to allow their children with coordination difficulties to join in.

The team of Canadian based researchers recommend that intervention needs to address environmental factors to improve participation.

Kath Lawson from Yes at Richmond School who have launched a number of inclusive sports events, under the 'for all' umbrella  says 'This report highlights what we have known for a long time. It is not that students with coordination difficulties don't like sport they need to be given opportunities to participate with coaches who have an understanding of their needs. Victoria Sellers who is leading our current project 'Dancing for All' has experience of encouraging children of all abilities. The emphasis is on participation and community.'

Yes at Richmond School work closely with North Yorkshire Inclusive Sport which aims to increase participation for all.

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