Coordination and Concentration

Coordination Difficulties

Coordination difficulties can impact on a child/young person’s daily life skills such as handwriting, using cutlery, riding bike and personal care. At Yes @ Areté Learning Trust we follow a research based approach and recommend that key skills should be focused on. We also support the inclusion of students in a range of activities which develop basic coordination skills of balance, core strength and agility.



Developmental Co-ordination Disorder (DCD), also known as Dyspraxia in the

UK, is a common disorder affecting fine or gross motor co-ordination in children and adults. This lifelong condition is formally recognised by international organisations including the World Health Organisation.

  • DCD occurs across the range of intellectual abilities
  • Individuals may vary in how their difficulties present
  • Difficulties may change over time depending on environmental demands and life experience
  • An individual’s co-ordination difficulties may affect participation and functioning of everyday life skills in education, work and employment
  • Children may present with difficulties with self-care, writing, typing, riding a bike and play as well as other educational and recreational activities
  • In adulthood many of these difficulties will continue, as well as learning new skills at home, in education and work, such as driving a car and DIY.
  • There may be a range of co-occurring difficulties which can also have serious negative impacts on daily life including social and emotional difficulties as well as problems with time management, planning and personal organisation and these may also affect an adult’s education or employment experiences


Developmental Coordnation Disorder: The Impact On The Family

Yes @ Areté Learning Trust is part of Hambleton and Richmondshire Inclusive Sports Steering Committee. The group was formed with the vision of extending the range of inclusive sports opportunities available in the locality and ensuring that all activities are signposted effectively. 


1. Swimming

Richmond and the Dales Amateur Swimming Club have gained funding to provide additional swimming lessons for students with specific difficulties. Information Leaflet


2. Cycling

Stage One Cycles from Hawes provide specialist teaching to get students riding a bike. Information Leaflet


3. Inclusive Sports

  • North Yorkshire Inclusive Sports all activities are publicised via their Facebook page. No need to book - just turn up.
  • North Yorkshire Sport Ltd is a registered charity and the County Sports Partnership (CSP) for North Yorkshire & York. Their overall aim as an organisation is to promote and encourage increased participation in sport & active recreation, whether as a participant, volunteer or coach.
  • Special Olympics North Yorkshire are the accredited Special Olympics Delivery Network for North Yorkshire. If you are interested in helping as a volunteer in any capacity please drop us an e-mail:


4. Horse Riding

The Riding for the Disabled website provides information about local clubs and what they offer.


5. Cricket

Yorkshire Cricket Board provide opportunities for students in both mainstream and special schools through their Chance To Shine Project.


6. Triathlon

Visit Go Tri - Get into Triathon to get further information about the activities they offer.


7. North Yorkshire Inclusive School Sports Partnership

The North Yorkshire Inclusive School Sport Partnership is based at Mowbray School in Bedale. The School Games Organiser (Fran Nichol) works with the North Yorkshire and York Special schools to enhance the quality and range of inclusive sporting opportunities for children with Special Educational Needs and / or Disabilities (SEND). Calendar of events 2018 - 2019






Yes @ Areté Learning Trust can provide practical support for schools to  improve pupils' handwriting and to upskill staff to develop sound handwriting practice in the school setting


  • Developing handwriting that is fit for purpose in terms of automaticity, speed and legibility
  • Reviewing the ergonomic and biomechanical factors that are impacting on handwriting


  • Initial assessments to pinpoint reasons for handwriting difficulties
  • Initial baselines looking at legibility, clarity and style
  • Looking at the key areas of readiness to write, mechanics of writing and visual perception skills
  • Pupil Voice


  • A personalised programme which can be followed up independently at home or at school
  • Includes warm up exercises
  • Pe-writing exercises as required
  • Use of appropriate resources
  • the development of startegies and resources wich can be used within the classroom on a daily basis

Option 1

  • Programme is delivered soley by Yes @ Areté Learning Trust staff
  • Cost:  Please contact us for details

Option 2

  • School staff are trained to deliver the handwriting programme with support and mentoring from Yes @ Areté Learning Trust
  • Fortnightly visits/ email contact as required
  • Cost: Please contact us for details


Handwriting in early childhood: Current research and future implications

Handwriting Legibility Scale (Barnett, A.L, Prunty, M. & Rosenblum, S. (2017)

Movement Matters

Movement Matters is the UK umbrella organisation representing the major national groups concerned with children and adults with coordination difficulties, a condition called Developmental Coordination Disorder (or DCD) and sometimes referred to as ‘dyspraxia’. 

Movement Matters was formed early in 2011 to act as an umbrella group to bring together the key bodies involved in Developmental Coordination Disorder/Dyspraxia in the UK.

This includes DCD-UK, the Dyspraxia Foundation, and the National Handwriting Association



Fantastic Dyspraxic is a specialist Dyspraxia shop with a range of resources to support students with coordination difficulties.

Occupational Therapy Resource Pack developed by Shropshire Community Health NHS Trust

Fizzy and Clever Hands Programme developed by therapists in East Kent NHS Trust

Teach Handwriting a comprehensive website with ideas, resources and strategies for teaching handwriting

Better Movers and Thinkers Education Scotland a resource pack designed to support teachers plan and facilitate learning in Physical Education